Josh Hobday

I am in lawn care and run SCAG and ECHO. I have used multiple dealers in the past but no more. Wakarusa Ag is a one stop shop. Dealer support is VERY important to me. They carry a vast selection of parts and are very knowledgeable. The service is second to none. I can’t ask for anything else. I highly recommend them!!!

Sarah Pusey

Absolutely great place for all your farming & ag needs! Wakarusa Ag, LLC has great service, and their professional, knowledgeable staff will help you with everything. One of the owner’s, Dwight is fantastic! He cares about each and every customer that walk through their doors! I highly recommend Wakarusa Ag, LLC for all your agricultural needs! Thanks Dwight!

Israel Yoder

I am super happy with Wakarusa Ag. Their service is fantastic. They even came out to fix a tractor of mine in the middle of the night as I needed to keep working to make a deadline. The kicker…… I had bought the tractor from another dealer. You can bet that I will give them the first chance to sell me equipment in the future.

Nick Baughman

Love this place. Good service. Good products. Bought an Echo trimmer a couple summers ago and still runs like new.