Is TYM Tractors a good tractor brand?

TYM Tractors have been manufacturing tractors in South Korea for decades and has successfully made the leap to American farms. Trusted and relied upon by a new generation of American farmers, TYM Tractors are considered to be stress-free perfect choices for small farms and carefully laid properties.

When first choosing TYM Tractors, plan on what your farm needs. Many choose TYM based on application need and frequency. That means if you’re working small acreage, you might only need a tractor with a few dedicated attachments. That’s where the sub-compact tractors come into play. 

Purchasing a tractor for your farm requires understanding your power needs. You’re going to want to balance specifications with the work you undertake. TYM actually has a rather helpful common tractors by application quiz on their site.

What are the prices for TYM Tractors?

The prices for TYM Tractors typically run comparable to the latest Kubota, John Deere and Mahindra tractor equipment. Compact tractors can be priced even lower. It really depends on what you need.


Which is better: Kioti or TYM Tractors?

Kioti vs. TYM Tractors is a debate held in many farming forums. While everyone has their preferred brands, fair and balanced information only serves to help customer choices. That’s why we’re going to investigate the benefits of owning tractors from both brands.

Benefits of owning Kioti tractors

Kioti can be seen as smaller more compact tractors. However, the last few years has turned that on its head. The turning radius of a Kioti is around eight feet. That being said, a Kioti isn’t as easy to store as your typical Kubota branded tractor.

What tends to make Kioti favored among tractor owners is the after-sales service and support. Both of which are constantly rated industry best.

Benefits of owning TYM Tractors

TYM Tractors combine form, value and overall function into a pleasing powerhouse. Everything from the sub compact to standard tractor line is designed for optimal cost performance. That is why they tailor their tractors to best serve everyone across seven different series.

TYM offers sub-compact, compact, compact utility and various other utility categories. That means you don’t have to buy a TYM tractor that is too big or small for your job. You have the room and tools to find what best suits you.

How can TYM Tractors help me get ready for planting and harvesting?

TYM Tractors will get you ready for planting and harvesting with its focus on arable farming. Every one of their tractors is designed to minimize manual labor efforts. This will maximize returns for farms by preparing soil for planting and then getting it ready for high yield harvests.

TYM Tractors is a big fan of partnering with you during the crop cycle. While this will vary across the world, most Americans can expect at least 6-8 months of steady in-field usage with their TYM every year.

Tow-behind plows and tillers are available to help you prepare the soil, while also staging the ground for planting. Sprayers and dispensers are also available to irrigate and treat crops. These attachments can be added to the powerful rear hitch. Plus, trailers are available to help harvest and protect your crops.

What does TYM mean to you?

Buying a TYM means everything we discussed above and more. But, if you had to make the final decision to purchase today, let’s go over some things to consider.

Can I afford a TYM?

TYM makes some of the most affordable tractors on the market. If you’re in the market for a sub-compact tractor, the TYM will be on par with the Yanmar, Kioti, LS, Steiner and Massey Ferguson equivalents.

That means you can expect to pay market average for your typical TYM. It’s better than a lot of similar brands are fairing during this difficult economic times. If new isn’t in the cards, then contact a dealer about finding used options.

Will a TYM work for my farm?

If you have a small to mid-size farm, TYM should be able to get the job done. Their compact and subcompact work is perfect for gardening, light farming and tight landscaping work.

This is quite similar to vehicles like the John Deere 1 Series that have been industry favorites for ages. Many of the big ranch and giant farms will tend to look down on the sub compact line. But, there are new generations of hobby farmers and small scale farmers picking Agriculture’s call.

TYM and similar brands are all about meeting each farmer at the level they work. Plus, if you want bigger, TYM offers bigger product options for your tractor needs.

How many attachments will my TYM need?

Attachments are a necessary part of most farm equipment. Depending on the farm work you’ll be undertaking, it’s best to pair up your TYM with at least three or four attachments.

Typically, you’ll need a tow-behind plow and/or tiller to get the field ready. This is typical for most farms, as you need to aerate and prep the soil for planting.

The sprayers and dispenser attachments are where people get tripped up. There are plenty of sprayer attachments on the market, but not all work best for tractor or skid loaders. Make sure to contact your local dealer and see if you can find a solution that works for you.

Then comes the trailers. Everyone has their take on which works best. Right now, silage trailers tend to be in fashion. The most important thing is hitching a trailer that won’t kill your tractor.

The best way to work around those situations is to understand your hitch and the weight load it can handle. Balance and other issues will come up, so it’s best to contact your local dealer.

How long will I be able to keep my TYM?

The average life span of a TYM is much longer than the typical quote of 4,000 hours minimum. Recent studies have shown them getting closer to 10,500 hours minimum. But, your mileage will vary based on model and working conditions.