Beat Back High Gas Costs This Summer with the electric Kovaco Skid Steer Loader

The Kovaco Skid Steer Loader brings electric equipment to new heights. Over the last three years, the European powerhouse manufacturer has been daring the Agriculture world to think electric. While quiet running and zero emissions aren’t that enticing to the common farmer, time has caught up to the cutting edge nature of Kovaco. In a year of gas shortages and rising prices, the Kovaco skid steer loader is here to save your bottom line.

Why should farmers buy an electric skid steer loader?

When dealing with skid steer loaders, most farmers are concerned with the boom height and how easily they can get their work done. Electric skid steer loaders and related farm equipment are still relatively new on the market. But, whether it’s the Elise900 or the MiniZ…Kovaco represents something different. A focus on skid steer loaders with all of their research placed into two active models.

Kovaco Skid Steer Loader

Electric farm equipment tends to be seen as a novelty among traditional and older farmers. Yet, this group of farmers stand to benefit the most from using electric equipment. No exhaust fumes and very little production noise creates less distractions regardless of your work environment. After all, who wants to have trouble hearing or breathing in exhaust fumes while working?

You can even use mobile apps to control the loaders. That means less bending over to check your loaders, as you can do it from your phone. While it’s one thing to spot check your equipment when the weather is pleasant, imagine the ease of not having to do it in the summer heat or winter cold? The Elise900 model even comes with a deep bucket that stands up to anything on the market.

Gas Prices Have Gone Insane throughout Spring 2021, what is the Summer going to look like?

Gas prices control so much of our economy. However, gas costs impact so much of the summer and fall farmer seasons. As the weather changes, you’re going to spend more time outside maintaining crops and controlling large sections of land. Whether it’s your spreaders, skid steers or other equipment…all of these typically require gas.

Depending on the scale of your farm work force, this can be multiple vehicles not forgetting trucks that require constant fill-ups. While you can maintain this constant fueling schedule for awhile, what if you can slide in a piece of equipment that doesn’t require the same gas demands? That doesn’t mean replacing your entire farm fleet. But, think of one piece of equipment that could easily be switched to electric.

In times like these, we have to ask ourselves if we’re willing to invest in our future. Tradition is a beautiful thing, but that was great back when gas cost 30 cents a gallon. By dipping your toe into the electric power future, you get to see what you feel comfortable with on your farm.

The Kovaco Skid Steer Loader is your multi-purpose answer to beating the High Cost of Gas on your farm

While there have been other battery operated farm equipment on the market, little compares to the Kovaco. Bobcat and Gehl have made great strides into the battery powered electric market. But, these options have yet to spark the excitement in modern farmers. Where does this leave Kovaco?

As the outsider looking into the American farm landscape, they get to bring modern engineering and futureproof electric applications into old world skid loading. While they’re not quite Tesla, the same kind of planning goes into the Kovaco Skid Steer Loader. Planning hours of usage into loaders just as powerful as their gas cousins without the hang-ups is just the start.

Throughout the summer, Wakarusa Ag will be highlighting the perks and applications of the Kovaco Skid Steer Loader. Stay tuned, as we make everyone farm electric throughout 2021.