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What is a hay feeder?

A hay feeder is a device used to dispense hay and other kinds of feed to livestock. Your typical farmer will see several benefits from the hay feeder. Often, you’ll see most feeders in use as manager or hay racks. They have a shallow bin open at the top to place the hay. Livestock eat the hey by reaching into that manger/rack area. Those feeders are pretty inexpensive and are a greater starter feeder for beginners.

The downside is hay can often be wasted. Not all livestock have the best table manners and that contributes to waste and soiling of fresh hay.

Wakarusa Ag favicon cropped hay feeder

What is a square bale hay feeder?

The square bale hay feeder is an easy to use and economic source of hay feed for livestock. Basically, it feeds square bales in bunks or racks to minimize the impact of soiling or spoilage. The Square Bale Hay Feeder tends to work incredibly with horses and spread across a farm.

These feeders have a frame that holds the bale in place with slots for hay to be pulled by any animal. The biggest advantage of the feeder is that it keeps hay dry moreso than most other feeders. Plus, you can feed multiple animals at the same time. Pair together a few of the square bale hay feeders and you’ve got a livestock buffet.

Are there hay feeders with a roof?

Hay feeders with a roof exist. While they are often used for goats and sheep, all livestock can benefit from having the extra overhead protection.

Is Diller Ag a good brand for feeders?

Diller Ag is a pretty good brand for hay feeders. The typical Diller Ag hay feeder

What is a slow feeder?

The slow feeder is designed to dispense a small amount of hay over an extended period of time.

What else do I need to know?

When meeting your hay needs, there are a lot of things to consider.

  1. What material should be in my equipment? Durability and weather related concerns play a role here.
  2. Where will I be using this equipment the most?
  3. If my equipment is going to be in direct contact with livestock, then how can I ensure they will have a safe feeding experience?
  4. Can you rotate the bales in your feeder?
  5. If I need to customize the feeder, can I do it easily?

What hay feeders are available at Wakarusa Ag?

There are many hay feeder brands, but which will work best for you? At Wakarusa Ag, our goal is to connect you with the best hay feeder that will prevent spoilage and return your investment. Saving money when feeding large groups of animals is ideal. Share in our experience of best serving our grazing friends even when they don’t necessarily want to come to eat when you’re ready for them.