Buying Penta Equipment [2022 Comprehensive Guide]

Penta Equipment is one of the biggest manufacturers of mixers, spreaders and tillage equipment.

Part 1: Why buy Penta over other Equipment?

Penta Equipment make Vertical Mixers that are high capacity and efficient. What’s even better is that they consume less power when compared to other manufacturers. But, why do you need that?

What Penta Equipment makes with their mixers are tools to solve your farming concerns. For those with livestock, a mixer is the best way to move the most feed to your animals. There are even vertical TMR mixers that handle materials that would be hard to handle for the average farmer.

When dealing with Mixers and related Ag equipment, farmers look at what they need in the moment. While there is some truth to that approach, you must also think about ROI for your long-term goals.

Part 2: How does Penta Equipment perform across America?

Penta is a proud Ag company with ties around Canada and America. But, how did Penta warm their way into farmers’ hearts? Outside of weather differences and a love of hockey, farmers on either side of the border aren’t that different. Livestock still needs fed and the farming community has to find the most efficient ways to make it happen.

While Penta is a Canadian company, our friends to the North know what it takes to tame the modern farm. As farms grow larger and the need to compete in a changing market increases, farmers look for any opportunity to beat the odds.

Whether it’s the cattle of Wisconsin or the hogs in Manitoba, Penta mixers are feeding the world’s livestock in a substantial way.

Part 3: What can a Penta Equipment spreader do for you?

Most farmers will need a spreader at some point in their work. Spreaders are the modern answer for the age old issue of moving manure around your farm. Most towing vehicles for manure distribution don’t have that much capacity. Thankfully, Penta Equipment fixed that issue.

Manure is something that most people avoid, but farmers love. It’s the fuel for future growth that enables crops and other things to flourish to continue land growth for generations to come.

Farmers use spreaders to inject nutrients into the soil, spread manure over a fixed amount of ground and gently coat their farmland with fertilizer. The Ag community is a big fan of Penta spreaders, as they offer up the best way to prep your soil for the coming seasons.

Part 4: Penta Horizontal vs. Penta Vertical Equipment – Which is better?

Going Horizontal or Vertical is a choice that is unique to each farmer. Which one you pick depends on what you’re farming, the nature of the land and what you want to accomplish.

Traditional crop farmers tend to prefer horizontal equipment. Everything from horizontal spreaders to are among the most loved Penta Equipment. Traditional farmers tend to side with Penta Horizontal equipment. The Hydra Spread tends to be the go-to horizontal Penta equipment.

Vertical Equipment tends to be selected by Penta customers ranging from crop farmers to large scale operations. The average crop farmer likes having a thinner spread for specific crop targeting. Ultimately, the better choice depends on what you’re farming and the time you have to accomplish it.

Part 5: Manage great distances with a dump box

Dump boxes move everything from produce to silage and more from farm to sales place. But, why is that so important? As the world changes and so much goes online, transportation becomes a bigger issue. Think about the plan you have now to transport feed, goods and other materials on and off your farm.

For those using a dump box on your farm, it allows you to maintain and control livestock feed. Instead of having farm workers transport feed by hand ala the old days, you can easily move among livestock to set how much they consume.

But, what about for off property stuff? While a lot of the world has gone online, physical goods still need to be moved around our nations. Whether you’re going to market or having to fulfill certain orders, dump boxes help clear large amount of materials in a way that standard trucks don’t accomplish. Plus, they’re also handy for maintenance projects on farm.

Part 6: Penta can solve your transportation concerns

Penta Equipment makes it easier to haul feed, manure and other heavy items across your property. By solving your transportation concerns, you can factor in the financial costs related to getting to market and keeping your farm orderly. But, what else is there to accomplish?

How Penta Equipment helps you transport feed

Transporting livestock feed requires a large capacity trailer or similar vehicle support. What Penta does to address this need is provide both ability to hold materials and carry it without issue.

How Penta Equipment helps you transport manure

Transporting manure with Penta Equipment is made easy by the Penta’s maximized performance designed to provide quality and reliability. Check out our horizontal beater manure spreaders.

Part 7: New equipment helps you to streamline modern farming

Modern farming requires new solutions. Penta Equipment helps with this by providing modern farming solutions that increase transportation reliability and increases what you haul and spread.

Part 8: What is exactly inside of a Penta Mixer?

A Penta Mixer comes with a frequency changer that makes the machine work nice and slow without wasting power. These are compact machines that function conveniently for a modern farmer’s needs.

Part 9: Other questions about Penta Equipment

Penta Equipment inspires a ton of questions from customers. If you have a few Penta questions for Wakarusa Ag to answer, contact us here.

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When you shop at Wakarusa Ag, their team will be taking all those factors into consideration alongside you. They are uniquely qualified to answer your questions because they have experience as farmers, dairymen, livestock producers and equipment retailers.  When you are looking for new equipment, rest assured, you will get expert advice from Wakarusa Ag.

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