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Wakarusa Ag LLC is a family owned and operated business with deep roots in the agricultural community. The Martins, Franklin, and his four sons, Dwight, Dwayne, Delvin, and Darrin are all members of the business. Franklin Martin got into the equipment business when he purchased a Penta vertical feed mixer in 2001 for his dairy farm. After using it a bit he decided it was something he thought he could sell to other local farmers, so he purchased his first shipment of Penta vertical mixers.

They were a great fit for the family’s other business Wakarusa Nutritional Services which custom blends dairy rations for the community. With the introduction of the vertical mixer and the ability to mix all the ingredients, including the hay and straw, local farmers demo the TMR mixers and soon see an increase in production and components.

The Martins realized that there was a need for superior service when it came to feeding equipment. Operating dairy farms themselves, they knew the challenges that dairy farmers face. When it comes to maintaining their equipment, they offer same day service and a loner if the unit can’t be fixed immediately. This service, along with increased production and animal health, led to a trust in their product and services and the sale of hundreds of units over the next decade. This quickly made them a leader in TMR mixer sales in the region.

With the feed mill running out of space and the next generation wanting to join, they purchased another property in Wakarusa in 2014. This led to the formation of Wakarusa Ag LLC.

With the new company, the boys began pursuing more lines to better serve the dairy and cattle industry. With that, came the acquisition of Poettinger and Duetz Fahr along with a complete lawn and garden line up. Wakarusa Ag also added rental to their list of services to help the customer control operating costs associated with purchasing new equipment. With the expansion of their business, Wakarusa Ag LLC strives to maintain their legacy and keep their focus on customer service. They owe their success to their customers and they value their continued trust and business. There is nothing that brings a smile to the family more than when a customer leaves with exactly what he was looking for or when they help get a customer’s broken piece of equipment running again. Stop by Wakarusa AG and a friendly face will be sure to greet you.


What seperates us from the rest

Why Choose UsWhy Choose Us

Research has shown that when a farmer is looking to buy a new piece of equipment for their farm the first step is to talk to a dealer and see what choices are available.  The next step is to talk to a neighbor or a farmer in a neighboring area or state to get their opinion.  It’s important to know what size of equipment you need.  It’s also important to consider if you are looking for a moderately priced brand or are you willing to pay a premium for one that meets the highest standards of the industry.

When you shop at Wakarusa Ag, their team will be taking all those factors into consideration alongside you. They are uniquely qualified to answer your questions because they have experience as farmers, dairymen, livestock producers and equipment retailers.  When you are looking for new equipment, rest assured, you will get expert advice from Wakarusa Ag.

Replacement Parts

Since 2014, Wakarusa Ag LLC has been offering the greater Michiana area quality OEM parts for all the brands we carry. We provide local businesses with farm equipment parts, construction equipment parts, and lawn equipment parts.

Service Department

Wakarusa Ag employs a team of experienced certified service technicians. We provide farm equipment service, construction equipment service, repairs, and maintenance on all the brands we carry.


Wakarusa Ag works with a variety of companies to provide you with the best farm and construction equipment financing options for you and your business. Together with our partners, we can help you acquire the equipment you need to operate your business successfully.


Wakarusa Ag offers farm equipment rentals and construction equipment rentals for all types of projects. We can help you get the equipment you need to get the job done right. Our personalized and flexible rental options are sure to suit your unique needs.